Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Without Insurance

Wisdom teeth extraction cost without insurance is determined on the basis of a number of factors, such as the dentist you select, the procedure and its difficulties, your location, etc. While selecting a dentist for removing wisdom tooth, everybody wants to approach an experienced and highly efficient dentist. However, you may use an inefficient and inexperienced dentist if you are not able to pay more for experienced dentists and if you do not have dental insurance or have a bad insurance. The price for a less experienced dentist is very cheap. Compared to smaller towns, you need to pay more for the dentists in bigger cities.

Another major determining factor for the cost of removal of wisdom teeth is the extraction procedure. If this procedure is very difficult, the cost will also be very high. If it can be removed very easily, the cost will be very low.

Cost in Detail

The initial wisdom teeth extraction cost without insurance begins with consultation and dental X-ray. You can expect around $300 for these procedures if you cannot insurance coverage. The next procedures are sedation, possibilities of oral surgery, medications, and recovery. The cost of entire procedure of extraction may range from $600-$1500. The cost of extraction of one tooth can be around $128-$380, which include fee for consultation, X-ray cost, medication fees, etc. If you want to remove all four teeth, the procedure may cost you around $975. A quick glance of wisdom teeth removal cost without insurance is listed below.

Simple tooth removal cost : Around $128
Division extraction : $180-$300
Surgical removal cost : $255-$380
(IV or intravenous changes : $325-$620; charges for nitrous oxide: $60-$220)

Overview of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

You can try the appearance of wisdom teeth, the third set of molars, anytime after 15 years of age. There are four wisdom teeth and they set in pairs in the lower and upper jaws respectively. However, wisdom teeth never appear in some people. Doctors suggest removal or extraction of wisdom teeth in various conditions. The size of jaw will be very small in some people and the accommodation of wisdom teeth will not be possible for them. In such circumstances, the best way to get relief from pain and other complications is the removal of wisdom teeth.

Another major reason for the removal of wisdom teeth is its eruption period. Usually, wisdom teeth take a long period of time to erupt and this period will be painful as well. Chances of developing infections inside your mouth are also very high. Due to these reasons, dentists suggest you to remove them as a precaution. In some people, the growth of wisdom teeth will be in an awkward angle and they create lots of pressure on surrounding teeth. Besides these factors, bleeding, pain, swelling of gum, persistent sinus opening, etc force you to remove wisdom teeth.

Even if you have insurance coverage, the cost of extracting wisdom teeth is relatively high. In order to find a solution for escalating dental cost, American Dental Association developed a series of codes, which help you to understand specific dental procedure very easily. You can ask the representatives of dental office to provide the ADA code number to know the fees and service, which they provide. This will helpful for you to know the exact wisdom teeth extraction cost without insurance or with insurance.

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